An alleyway presentation of upcoming 2021 paving will be at the

Kinderton Village Clubhouse on
Tuesday, August 3rd at 7:00
Thursday, August 12th at 7:00

Click HERE for alleyways that are being concidered for repair marked with "Blue Letters".
Red areas are areas that have been acknowledge of needing repair.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for upcoming
2021 Kinderton Village Alleyway paving.


Where is my Alleyway according to map?
Click HERE for your address and your "Letter" allocation of your alleyway.


* * * * *

Why are we doing repairs now?
What began in 2017 continues.
The intent is to resurface before the road bed begins to fail.
30% have been completed, with the remaining 70% now under consideration.
Click HERE for color coated map.


* * * * *

When will paving start?
At this point, the paving contractor has forecast paving will begin in mid-August.
There will be some areas of concrete curbing repair that will occur before paving begins.


* * * * *

How long will this take?
Based on the number of alleyways chosen to be paved this year,
the estimate duration will range from three to six weeks.


* * * * *

Who is paying for this?
The Kinderton Single Family Homeowners Association has been
saving/accruing the necessary funds in their Capital Reserve for a number of years.
The cost for this project will be paid in full from that account.
Monthly dues for the Single Family HOA were increase in January 2021 from $55 to $65,
in part to begin replenishing that Capital Reserve account. 


* * * * *


Will trash/recycle pick-up be impacted?
The paving contractor will be aligning the project schedule,
so the initial tasks of surface milling will begin immediately following our Tuesday collection day.
While we cannot predict what might occur with the weather,
we will be coordinating with Republic Services to
temporarily provide collection services
at the front side of homes should delays occur.


* * * * *


Why does trash/recycle collection continue in alleyways?
Our trash/recycle pickup is an arrangement between the Town of Bermuda Run and Republic Services.
At this time, there are no known plans to alter that location.


* * * * *


Alleyways are not behind my home.
Many of our Kinderton residents walk, bicycle, scooter, and golf cart along
the nearly 25 alleyways within our neighborhood.
While the paving project might not directly affect you,
making everyone aware will help minimize surprises.


* * * * *


How will I be notified of changes?
Both our website and the Kinderton Social group on Facebook will provide updates. Additionally there will be flyers at the mail kiosks and signs at neighborhood entrances.

Most importantly, if Cedar Management does not have your e-mail address or phone number,
please call Cedar customer service at (877) 252-3327 and provide that information.


Pool Photo


Dear Residents,

Please be advised that the staffing company that manages our attendants, is currently looking for more part time employees.  If you are interested, please contact First Choice Personnel @ 336-751-0385, text the office cell at 336-972-0533 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you

Becky Myers, CMCA

Association Manager

336.379.5007 ext. 112

Pool Images
Kinderton Village Pool Update From Master Board

Dear Kinderton Residents,

the Kinderton Pool has been operating on limited hours Thursday - Sunday 10am to 8pm.  However, effective Monday July 20th pool hours will be Monday - Sunday 10am - 8pm.  All Covid restrictions and adjusted pool rules remain in effect. 

Thank you for helping make this a great pool season.



Kinderton Pool Closed this afternoon July 12, 2020 for
pool maintenance for feces in the pool. 

When feces are found in the pool, the pool needs to be closed immediately.
The pool company is called for cleaning and remediation.
This process takes up to 24 hours.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Some tips to help this from happening.
Try to have young children use the bathroom before swimming
and use swim diapers when in pool.

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