SB Election


Thursday, February 23rd at 7:00 PM.
The meeting will take place at the Hillsdale Baptist Church:
4815 US-158, Advance, NC 27006

Kinderton single home households will be electing 4 candidates
to fill (2) 3 year terms and (2) 2 year terms on the Single Family HOA Board.
(The 2 year term positions are to replace Board Members that ended their term early.
Keeping this cadance will ensure that no more than two (2) directors expire in a given year. )

Click HERE for Ballot and Proxy. 

The current candidates available for election are the following...

- Michael Bailess
- Lyn Cole
- Troye Cooper
- Stephen Genaway
- Chuck Goins
- Angel Jackson

- Tony Krasienko

- Dean Warren

Bios for Board Nominees Below...


Michael Bailess


My name is Michael Bailess and I’m running for a position on the Single-Family Board of Directors.  My wife Shannon and our two children, Austin (7) and Avery (3), have lived in Kinderton Village since September 2019.  We are originally from Danville, VA and relocated to Winston-Salem in 2017 for work. I have worked for the last 20+ years in the technology industry for banks, retail, and software companies.  I currently serve on the Master Board of Directors, filling the vacancy of Charles Akers until the next Master Board Annual meeting in February. 


I have two goals if I am elected to the Single-Family board.


    1. Restore dignity, civility, and professionalism amongst the community HOA boards.
    2. Improve the community by making it a more comfortable and welcoming place for all residents.


Restore dignity and peace amongst the community HOA boards.


The actions of a few HOA board members these last few months is not something we as a community should accept.  There are very few individuals involved in the conflict that has hurt neighbor relations and our public image. There is fault on both sides.


I firmly believe that we arrived here because of a lack of transparency.  I propose that all board meetings, which have a quorum and a vote is held, should be recorded. These recordings should be made available to any member of that association which requests it.  The meeting minutes should still be kept as a summary of those recordings.


Second, I propose that all board and committee members, should be provided an official email account with retention rules set. Any business that is conducted must be handled through that account. This protects both parties when disputes about communications occur.  When seats are transferred, the email account should be as well so that the incoming board member knows what has transpired.


Finally, I propose that all directors, on all HOA boards, sign a code of ethics. This code should make airing board disagreements and slandering each other cause for dismissal.  I’m not trying to take away anyone’s freedom of speech, but a lot of matters should be handled in board meetings and not in the public.


Improve the community by making it a more comfortable and welcoming place for all residents.


We’ve been through a dark period in history with the pandemic, but things are finally getting better. As a community, I think it’s time to start having neighborhood events so that we can really get to know each other.  I propose neighborhood cookouts, events for families as well as events for adults to mingle without kids. The sky is the limit on what we can accomplish if we work together.


There are shared open areas in the back of the neighborhood that nothing has been done to. We need to do something with them, at a minimum, make sure the grass is healthy and maintained.  I would love to explore the possibility of a small fishing pier at the lake.  Most important, I want to make sure that the Boards focus on positive projects instead of negative ones. 


If you want to help bring civility back and make our neighborhood a better place, please vote for me for the Single-Family Board of directors.


Thank you for your consideration,

Michael Bailess

117 Pendleton Dr



Lyn Cole

My name is Lyn Cole. Living in central New York state, I retired in 2020 having spent 30 years as a financial advisor. Like many of you, I followed family to North Carolina. My husband, Kevin (a retired industrial sales manager), and I moved into Kinderton Village in March of 2022. We have a daughter, son in law and two grandchildren in Clemmons.


Also like many of you, we worked long hours until retirement and understand that, during those years, someone else represented us on issues of town/village/neighborhood/school board. Now it’s our turn.


Kinderton Village was in the throes of the high-density apartment debate when we came to the neighborhood. I attended meetings and asked questions but largely stood back and watched as many of you carried the burden of challenge to its end. Kevin and I attended a board meeting of the Single Family HOA and have determined that this is the most appropriate place to pitch in and help.


I most hope to help maintain this beautiful community, making it a warm and welcoming environment. I believe that many people working together will lighten the load for all and that more residents involved make the community more representative of our population.

Lyn Cole


Troye Cooper


Hello Kinderton Village Single Family sub-association neighbors!


My name is Troye Cooper and I am pleased to announce my desire to serve on the board of directors of the Single-Family sub-association of Kinderton Village. As a resident of this beautiful community that we call “home” for the past couple of years, I’ve decided to “throw my hat in the proverbial ring” (interpret that however you would like).
I believe that most of our residents agree that the aesthetics of our neighborhood is what attracted them to move here. We all knew when we purchased our homes that we were moving to a community that was overseen by an HOA. To most of us, we viewed that as a good thing as moving into a community with like minded people would help preserve the tranquility that exists along with the sense of community that comes with it (not to mention, preservation of our home values as in many cases, the most expensive hard asset we will ever own).


Unfortunately, to the chagrin of some of us, after living here a while, we learned that we actually moved into a community where it feels that “big brother” is always watching and we are not in a neighborhood of a community that generally knows how to self-regulate but rather one that is controlled by a small group of self-selected individuals who feel compelled to do whatever it takes to try to maintain the integrity of our neighborhood even if that may offensive to the members of the community it is supposed to be serving. I happen to NOT be one of those individuals.


While at 51 years of age I do not consider myself yet qualified to be an expert on anything, I have lived a few years, experienced a few things and overcame some challenges that I didn’t think I could get through. I am still young enough to been ergetic yet finally mature enough to have some wisdom and common sense. 


As a young’un, I was involved in several organized sports teams including soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, track and field, wrestling and football. All of those taught me at a young age that as part of a team, even if you are the most committed and/or talented member of the team, it takes the effort and commitment of every member of those teams individually AND collectively to be successful. 


In addition to all those sports, I’m also an Eagle Scout since 1988. For life. I had no idea at that time that the skills I was learning would help guide me through life. On my path to Eagle, I was able to grow through different leadership roles. Further, I learned how to work with others through community service culminating with my Eagle Scout project where I had to lead as well as work side by side with my fellow scouts to complete the project.


Here are a few excerpts from a recent essay that remind me why I’m so grateful Scouting plays a part in so many lives. This essay was written by Julia Shepherd, one of the first female Eagle Scouts and first-place winner in the Central Florida Council scholarship contest. She said,


“Leaders have to make decisions, be problem solvers, face adversity, and follow their moral obligations – all principles of Scouting. ... Teaching young girls and boys the values of responsibility, loyalty, leadership, and camaraderie at this age equips them for life in the reality we live in. In the ever-changing society that we are a part of, these characteristics are fundamental for children to possess and carry with them into adulthood.”

“The Scout stands for pride, integrity, opportunity, strength, freedom, and the true meaning of being an American, as they embody the flag on the uniform. Scouting instills these values into young Americans who will grow up with respect for their country, only building upon it as they age. ...Scouts are our future, and they are equipped with a skillset that gives me confidence and faith in the future of our country.”


To read the full essay, you can go to this link:

Incidentally an ironically, I received that message in a recent email from Frank Tsuru, National President of the National Eagle Scout Association. These words reminded me why I am compelled to serve and give back to my community. 

In addition to sports and scouts while growing up, I also worked at a neighboring dairy farm which ultimately led me to my career. After graduating from high school, I decided to pursue a 4-year (which ultimately turned into a 4 and 1/2 year) degree in Dairy and Animal Science with a Business emphasis from Penn State University. While there, I joined an agricultural social professional fraternity, Delta Theta Sigma where I again had the opportunity to live and serve side by side with like minded peers and friends while also serving in different leadership positions within the fraternity.


After graduation, I began my near 30 year career in the dairy industry holding several different positions with 5 different companies ranging from cow breeder to dairy nutritionist, logistics specialist, Grade A milk inspector, procurement director and finally to my current position as the Director of Operations, Milk Marketing and Member Services of the Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers CooperativeAssociation for the past 10+ years. 


In this role, I help manage the movement of about 120 x 6500-gallon tanker loads of raw milk per day that are produced from approximately 950-member owner dairy farms from South Carolina to New York utilizing about 25 different milk hauling companies to pick up and deliver to about 20 different raw milk customers (processing plants) in the same geography. My primary responsibility is to oversee our raw milk quality and regulatory compliance team. Milk is a heavily regulated food commodity. There are strict food safety rules which are established and overseen by the FDA and enforced by the 10 states that we operate in, each which may have their own set of rules over and above federal standards and each which may have their own interpretations of those federal rules. 


I also work with our logistics team and milk accounting team who is responsible for ensuring our customers are appropriately invoiced and pay for the milk they purchase and that our member owners are appropriately paid for the milk that the produce and sell. Milk is also heavily regulated by the USDA as milk is priced under a program called the Federal Orders that allows producers to pool their milk and extract a blended price from the pool based on the value of the milk that was determined by how it was utilized (different value for fluid drinkable milk vsspoonable ice cream/sour cream vs cheese vs butter and powder). This may sound very complex, and I assure you, it is. 


Further preparing me for the role of the KV SF board, our cooperative is owned by all 950 dairy farm member owners that produce and supply the milk. Each has anequity stake in our organization. Those 950 farms are split geographically into three different districts and are represented by a single board of 15 dairy farmer member owners (5 from each district) each which are elected to three-year terms along with one outside director. Does any of this sound familiar? 3 subgroups of 5 directors who come together each month to make go-forward decisions that are to be for the betterment of the collective whole, as opposed to just the interest of the subgroups they represent. In addition, striking a balance between the board that directs our business and the management team that executes our business is critical to our success. About 3-4 years ago, our CEO decided that the management team and the Board of directors needed to get together in the same room to cuss and discuss and develop a strategic plan that would lead and guide us into and through the next 5-10 years. As part of the management team, I was able to provide input to the executive leadership team as well as our board of directors to help drive that plan. After several sessions, we came out of the room with a plan that all agreed on. I assure you that plan does not just sit on a shelf and collect dust. It has been our guide through every decision that has been made since the plan was put together. 


If elected to the KV SF board of directors, my goal is:

  • To apply my life experiences and help ensure that our residents’ voices are being heard.
  • To hear those voices and learn what is most important to the residents of ourcommunity.
  • To ensure the current CCRs and by-laws of our board and master board are clear and well understood by our resident members. This may involve acomprehensive review and opening for suggestions/modifications to ensure they remain relevant to our maturing community.
  • To ensure residents clearly understand the roles and responsibilities of the boards of the sub-associations, the master board and the respective management groups. This may involve a comprehensive review of the agreements between the sub-associations, the master board and the respective management companies.
  • To help ensure that the application of our rules (CCRs and By-Laws) is consistent, fair and reasonable and that there is no overreach of authority by the board or management with enforcement.
  • To help ensure that ALL sub-association boards are included, and a fair balance of power is maintained among them. Keeping in mind that equitableis not always equal and equal is not always fair.
  • To foster a sense of true community through transparency and accountability. While I am aware that I still have a lot to learn, I am eager and confident that I canprovide positive contributions to existing leadership in our community. I hope I can count on your vote.

Troye Cooper
Resident of Kinderton Village - Town Park Drive, Bermuda Run, NC



Stephen C. Genaway


My job/work history covers many areas.  I have vast experience in supervising maintenance, grounds and custodial employees.  Having worked in a school district and non-profit companies, I fully understand working under tight budget constraints, yet fulfilling expectations.


I pride myself in only expecting above average results from myself and co-workers.


My wife Charlene and I moved to Kinderton Village in August, 2020.  We have been residents of the Town of Bermuda Run for over 15 years.  While a resident in the Bermuda Run Country Club, I served as HOA President of the River Hill community for 8 years.


I would like to be considered for a position on the Kinderton Village Single Family Board.  I feel my experience will help our community maintain and move forward with the maintenance necessities which make this community a great place to call “home”.


To be transparent, my wife and I do travel several weeks during the year.  I would be able to attend meetings through zoom when out of the area.



Stephen C. Genaway




 Chuck Goins

 It’s time for change. 

My name is Charles "ChuckGoins, and I would appreciate your vote to the Single-Family Board of Directors.


My wife Tina, our 8yr old daughter Alexandria and I reside at 118 Pendleton Dr.

Tina’s son, Jason 27 (went to Pinebrook, N Davie & Davie High!) and my two sons, Brandon (28) and Nicholas (25), are now out on their own.  Although Tina has lived in Bermuda Run since 1998, we have been a member of this beautiful community for about 3 yrs. 


You may recognize us as the family who has arranged and driven the fire truck to carry Santa around the neighborhood the last 3 Christmases.


I am a Captain with the Winston Salem Fire Dept. proudly serving my community for over 25 years. I also volunteer my time within the school systems and daycares teaching fire safety. I was awarded a track scholarship to Appalachian State University, where I earned a BA in English. Additionally, I am a Prince Hall Mason and served as Master of Ionic Lodge #72 for two years. At the time I was the second youngest to hold that Lodge position in North Carolina. 


Why I’m running

I’d like to help make sure 2023 is a productive year focused on:

  1. Reestablishing Professionalism between the Boards
  2. Updating ARC guidelines
  3. Enhancing our amenities and community activities
  4. Rebuilding the positive community feeling Kinderton Village has been giving residents for over two decades!


What I love about Kinderton

I love our neighbors… our “community”. People who care, bring their neighbors food when they’re sick and bring cards to each-other to lift their spirits during difficult times. People who rally to fight to protect the integrity and beauty of the neighborhood and people who wave when you’re walking. It’s a wonderful place to raise a family, retire to or just live your life in peace.


What I’d like to see change

In the past year our social media pages have gone from being a place where people would sell goods, share local topics to being littered with hateful messages and insinuations.

We are better than this and we, our board should reflect the kind spirit of our neighborhood!


Before the last election we heard pledges from the single family to address neighborhood safety, ARC guideline changes and more.

          Why didn’t they keep their promises?


What could we do next?

Don’t like seeing dogs run free from leashes in our parks? Let’s build a small dog park!

Your small kids don’t have a designated space at the pool? Let’s look into a small splash pad!

Wish you knew more of your neighbors? Let’s host community cook-outs and movie nights!

Wish you could access the lake (especially the handicap)? Let’s investigate a small dock!

Want to grow a small, well maintained community garden? Let’s talk about that!

          These can be relatively inexpensive projects. Our neighborhood has the reserve funds for these and still won’t dip into our required reserves.

Point is… let’s stop fighting and let’s build our neighborhood resources!

Let’s stop losing home sales due to HOA drama and fears and let's increase our property value!


Past Board Experience that will serve me well

Emergency Responders Credit Union Board of Directors:

I volunteered as a Director on the Emergency Responders Credit Union Board from 2019 to 2022.

As a board member I assisted in making, updating, and enforcing the policies of the Credit Union and assisting with navigating through any issues the credit union staff encountered.

As Directors we were responsible for making decisions that insured the fiscal success of the Credit union. We conduced monthly training on topics to ensure that we were up to date with the latest trends as other Credit Unions our size. 


Pink Heals President:

In 2012, and for the following decade, I founded and was the President of Triad Pink Heals. Our organization raised awareness and raised funds for families with members battling cancer. As President I resided over our Board of Directors and organized HUNDREDS of fundraisers over the next 10yrs. I recruited and coordinated with over 70 volunteers and arranged several 5k fundraisers. I also sought out and coordinated with local business owners for their sponsorship of some of my events. Over the past 10yrs under my leadership, we were able to raise and donate to local families, TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars to assist with medical bills and in some cases keep those families lights on.


If you are looking for someone who will advocate for the homeowner and property values, work to improve the level of professionalism among our Board of Directors and enhance our neighborhood amenities, please consider voting for me for the Single-Family Board of Directors.



Charles “Chuck” Goins

Pendleton Dr.




Angel Jackson 


Hello Neighbors,

My name is Angelique “Angel” Jackson. In 2016 our family moved here from Pennsylvania. Our home is located right near the Kinderton Lake on Lakeside Crossing. We love Kinderton Village for its hometown feel, amenities and the perfect location between the country atmosphere and the City. I live with my husband Jason and two children who are currently attending DCHS. We also enjoy animals and have a Great Dane named Mongo, a turtle and fish.


I am running for the Single Family board of directors because I feel I have the skills, experience, ideas, and the compassion to serve the best interest of the whole community.  I understand the importance of clear communication, working collaboratively, problem solving with an open mind, and caring for our neighbors.


You will find that my passion, when I take on a position I go above and beyond to help others to complete their vision. My experience shows I have excellent communication skills and a drive to improve things to be more efficient. Although I have done a lot to help the community with communication, I feel there is always room for improvement.

As single family homeowner there are areas I would like to see improvement.

    • COMMUNICATION OF BOARDS: I would like to help the boards come together as one team for our community. Looking over all ARC/BiLaws/CCRs seeing if nothing is out dated and make changes if needed based on our community’s needs. Have discussions of events that the community may like as a whole.
    • KINDERTON LAKE: I would love to work with the Master Board and the community to see the possibility of a small dock for fishing. Working with the community vision to improve the visual of the lake area with maybe flowers and Bird Houses around the lake.
    • KINDERTON OPEN SPACE BY POOL: I would love to poll the community again for ideas that we all would love to see in that area. Some wonderful past ideas were a splash pad, dog park or community garden. Then encourage the boards to research and if budget friendly to put into action for the 2023 year.


When we moved here I wanted to volunteer here in Kinderton by using my creative skills to help our community. In 2017 I approached the Kinderton Village Master Board and asked them if they were interested in me doing a Newsletter for the Kinderton Village community periodically. It was something I did for the previous neighborhood we lived in. I also shared my background as a graphic artist.  At the time I thought it may help with communication lag our community was having. They were thrilled with the idea and asked if I would help maintain the website also. Over the years I have encouraged boards monthly to add information to our website so it was easier to share information to the community. As I worked with the boards I began volunteering in other ways.


Here are things I have done to help our Kinderton Village community.

    • Meet & Greets with Mayor of Bermuda Run: Helped with the organization of communication sessions with Kinderton Village Community and the Mayor of Bermuda Run. Worked directly with the Mayor with his vision to be able to communicate with the residents of Bermuda Run
    • Kinderton Village Events: Volunteered yearly to help past single family president promote and run Kinderton Parade, Kinderton Easter Egg Hunt, Kinderton End of Year Pool Gathering and Community Yard Sale. In 2022 I took over the organization of the 4th of July Parade and was able to get two local sponsors for prizes.
    • Kinderton Mail Kiosks: Worked with the Bermuda Run Town Manager to create a detailed web page on explain in detail of how they were maintained and where to get keys made.
    • Kinderton Alleyways: Worked with past Single Family President in creating a webpage with detailed information on how they are maintained and the process of upcoming paving.
    • Residential Plats: Researched and created a web page to be able to help residents be able to find their plats easier for ARC requests.
    • Kinderton Newsletter: Create a quarterly informational newsletter about what is happening locally in our community to be distributed through management companies.
    • Kinderton Village Website Calendar: Maintain the web site calendar monthly and search for local things happening in Bermuda Run like events, recycling, community meetings and more to be added to the calendar.
    • Kinderton Pool, Clubhouse, Geese, ARC..: Worked with Master Board, Committees and Priestly Management to create detailed web pages on for the community to see and to help with any questions they may have.
    • Apartment Rezoning: I was a strong advocate for Kinderton Village during the rezoning. Worked with the community to come up with solutions to STOP the rezoning or protect the community from a worst case scenario. I sent out two PDF presentations to the all town members showing the potential harm of high density apartments. One presentation was based off of the ponds, street patterns, nature and traffic. The other was based on research we found of all the rentals we already have in Bermuda Run and how approving more apartments would be a hindrance to the community of Bermuda Run. Spoke to Town officials directly about our concerns.


CAREER EXPERIENCE:  I have 25 years’ experience as a graphic designer. I assisted and managed the advertising of some of the leading Automotive Groups in the Philadelphia and Delaware region. I also worked with a Family Own Pharmacy Chain, a Nursing Magazine and many other businesses.  I have strong skills in communication, visually meeting customers’ needs and creating efficiency in a fast paced industry.


VOLUNTEERING: Volunteering fills my heart when I can help others. I was a Girl Scout troop leader for 3 years. Volunteered in the schools as an assistant, home room mom, PTC activities for classrooms and helped with creative visuals if needed. I also volunteer at Church, Boy Scouts and here in Kinderton Village.


I want to thank you for taking the time to read all my strengths and my passion to serve. I hope being elected will give me the opportunity to represent our community in a better way. As a Single Family Board of Director I certainly would try my best to be the voice for the community and put things into action to make Kinderton Village the best place to live in North Carolina.


Sincerely your neighbor,

Angel Jackson


Tony Krasienko


I believe that I would be an asset to the Board of Directors because I have demonstrated the ability to work with diverse groups and communities at large. I also have a deep understanding that the goal of an HOA is to ensure a high standard and quality of life within a neighborhood and protect most family's largest investment, their home. This is done by the most important role of any BoD, fiscal responsibility and accountability of monies paid to and used for the overall betterment of the HOA. Additionally, to follow the HOA Declarations, Covenants and Bylaws in conjunction with the NC Planned Communities Act. I have shown a track record of fairness, fiscal responsibility, public service and honesty. I would be honored to serve the Kinderton Single Family Homeowners' on the Board of Directors.

Tony Krasienko




Dean Warren
263 Old Towne


  • Grew up in Hickory, NC.
  • Received my undergrad degree at UNC – Chapel Hill. (claim to fame – lived in same dorm with Michael Jordan)
  • Received my MBA at Wake Forest University.
  • Married my college sweetheart (36 years and counting) and have 3 children and 2 grandchildren with 3rd on the way.
  • My career has been in Information Technology and Operations Management. I currently work with a packaging company in W-S where I oversee 6 out-of-state operations.
  • Enjoy spending time with my family, biking, hiking, camping, and playing tennis & pickleball.
  • Volunteered as church treasurer.
  • Currently serving as Kinderton Village Single Family HOA president 



  • Helped stop rezoning to ensure high-density housing did not get developed next to Kinderton Village.
  • Got the fence erected between Kinderton Village and RISE which included attractive lattice paving.
  • Successfully had the 2nd phase of the alleyways paved.
  • Coordinated with Bermuda Run to the trim our trees at their expense (BR comprehensive plan - 2023).
  • Coordinated with Bermuda Run to repair our sidewalks (BR comprehensive plan - 2023).
  • Coordinated with Bermuda Run to correct our stop sign placement (BR comprehensive plan - 2023).



  • Opened the Single-Family HOA meetings to the neighborhood to improve transparency and develop inclusivity.
  • Developed a new Single-Family budget that focuses on beautification / safety / and security of Kinderton Village while maintaining long-term fiscal viability of Kinderton Village without raising dues.
  • Began the reorganization of the KV HOA to ensure fair and appropriate representation of all KV sub-associations and all their respective members, which includes fairness and congeniality when working with committees.
  • Began a quarterly meeting between the Bermuda Run mayor, Rick Cross, and all interested KV residents.
  • Instituted the use of electronic voting to increase participation in elections and/or resolutions requiring quorum.
  • Developed close relationships with the Bermuda Run mayor, Rick Cross, and town manager, Andrew Meadwell, to ensure the best interest of KV is part of all BR decisions. This collaboration has led to the request of having Kinderton Village residents run for open Bermuda Run Town Council positions in the upcoming 2023 elections.
  • Opened dialogue with the Bermuda Run country club to begin including KV residents in their expansion plan.
  • Began working collaboratively with the HOA presidents in all of Bermuda Run to share ideas & develop mutual problem solving.



 My vision for Kinderton Village is a close-knit community that treats neighbors like family, that comes together in times of joy and in times of need, and we are all proud to call it home.  I want an HOA that is representative of all households, and one that is inclusive of resident’s needs and desires.  I want an HOA that is transparent as it represents the will of the neighborhood.  And I want an HOA that is compassionate and kind – one that understands that we are all human and can be faced with difficult times, where we as a community can lend a helping hand – not shun or disgrace those in need.  Finally, I want all Kinderton Village HOA’s to work together for these common causes that are important to all of us.



  • 9 factors of a successful HOA
    • Strong Leadership
    • Smart Decision-Making
    • Responsible Budgeting
    • Successful Communication
    • Community Involvement
    • Transparent and Understanding
    • Clarity about Meetings
    • Steady Policy Enforcement
    • Seeks Assistance

  • We are a non-profit organization.
    • Let’s treat residents as customers (always right) – not suppliers (tools).
    • We need to treat everyone with respect and understanding – we are all neighbors.
    • We need to have goals that are supported by the majority of households.
    • As described in Community Association Living (a CAI publication):
      • Homeowner’s associations are designed to manage common or shared property,
      • protect owners' property values,
      • provide services to residents, and
      • develop a sense of community through social activities and amenities

  • Let’s engage the neighborhood with strong committees (make it a pleasure, not a burden)
    • Social committee (fun, fun, fun)
      • Monthly events geared towards community involvement (gatherings, games, etc.)
            • Pizza & movie nights
            • Pool parties
            • Volleyball or Basketball tournaments
            • Taco truck neighborhood dinners
            • Adult nights (party or dance)
            • Octoberfest party
            • Etc.
      • Yard of the month?
      • Holiday decorating contests?
    • Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
          • Rules agreed upon by the majority of the neighborhood – not the whim of several people.
          • Guidelines that focus on improving property value and beautifying the neighborhood.
          • Members have a background in architecture and/or landscaping.
          • Emphasize maintenance of personal property and common grounds.
    • Pool / Clubhouse
          • Fun (not control)
          • Events (see social committee)


  • TOGETHER, let’s create an HOA that is a model for all HOA’s. This past year, we came together as a community to stop the development of a multi-unit apartment complex, and we did something that most people said could not be done – we won!  Together, we have accomplished a lot over the past year.  Together, we can accomplish so much more!  I ask for your support so we can keep moving forward in a positive direction that makes each and every one of us proud to call Kinderton Village home!  There is nothing we cannot do – TOGETHER!

Kinderton Village Neighbors,

Tomorrow evening, the Bermuda Run Town Council is holding a Public Hearing on the Homes Urban conditional rezoning request for 270 Apartments.

Please plan to attend if at all possible.  

Your presence will underscore the desire for smart growth, not urban sprawl.

Tuesday September 13th at 6PM


Calvary West, 136 Medical Dr, Bermuda Run, NC

If you are interested in signing a petition opposing the rezoning, a resident of Kinderton is coordinating that effort.

Please follow this link to complete that submission

It is not too late to express your concerns in writing to the Town Council.

Please e-mail your elected town representatives:

Town Council Mike Brannon This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Town Council Curtis Capps This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Town Council Heather Coleman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Town Council Mike Ernst This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Town Council Melinda Willis Szeliga This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mayor Rick Cross This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you,

Kinderton Village Master Board

Hello Kinderton Village Neighbors,


Over the last week, your Master Board and Sub-Association Directors have received the latest overture from Robert Morgan (Homes Urban) regarding their proposed apartment complex.


Like earlier this spring, our intent as your HOA representatives is to obtain actionable information about the proposed development, how it might affect you, offer our concerns, and request changes.


Click HERE for document which was initially shared on April 20th with all of Kinderton Village.  It contains questions and answers, plus Homes Urban site plan and building rendering.


On next Tuesday June 21st, your HOA directors have been invited to meet with Mr. Morgan and Hillsdale Real Estate Group (owner of the site).


As we understand the agenda, Homes Urban and Hillsdale will lay out a proposal that would alter their initial rezoning request, to include “conditional zoning”.


We have not been provided any additional information on conditional zoning, or how the process will unfold moving forward, but will continue to collect and distribute that info as it is received.


The following bulleted excerpts are our perceptions of conditional zoning.

  • Conditional zoning means a zoning in which, the governmental body allows a change in zoning activities subject to certain conditions that are designed to protect adjacent land from the loss of use value which might occur, if the new zoning activities are allowed without any sort of restrictions.
  • Site plans. A site plan incorporated into a conditional rezoning can identify where roads, buildings, parking, particular uses, and buffers will be located. It can provide information on landscaping or stormwater management, although details on these aspects of the development may be addressed later in the permitting process.

As your respective HOA director prepares to meet with Homes Urban and Hillsdale, if you have questions or concerns which need to be posed or answered, we encourage you to contact them directly with those points.


Their contact information is listed on under Kinderton Village HOA Governing Boards.


At this time, there are no scheduled follow up meetings with Kinderton residents, however we expect those will be developed following the Tuesday June 21st meeting.


We also suggest you sign up for the Town of Bermuda Run newsletter as information on this topic unfolds. 

Information concerning our Kinderton neighborhood can be found at and also on KV Community a Facebook site.


Thank you,

Kinderton Village Master Board and Sub-Association Directors



TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2022

Lettered Alleyways that will be paved will be N, O, P, Q, T, U, X & Y.
See image below for reference if you live on the following streets. . .

Bridgewater Drive
Lakeside Xing
Millstone Lane
Parkview Lane
Rosewalk Lane

Be prepared to park on the street on the evening
Monday, July 18, 2022 till paving is complete.

Milling and Asphalt Overlay should take approximately a week.
NO Vehicles will be allowed to access alleyways during this time.
(Clubhouse parking will be available during this time
if there is not enough street parking).

Please note, while the paving contractor will try their best to remain on schedule, all dates are subject to change, based on weather and other delays. We will be providing updates via e-mail, social media posts, and on our website.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for upcoming
2022 Kinderton Village Alleyway paving.


Where is my Alleyway according to map?
Click HERE for your address and your "Letter" allocation of your alleyway.


* * * * *

Why are we doing repairs now?
Our alleyway surfaces are over twenty years old.
The intent is to resurface before the road bed begins to fail.
In 2017, 30% of repairs were completed,
with the remaining 70% were being addressed between 2021 and 2022.


* * * * *

When will the paving start?

 The contractor has forecast preliminary work will begin July


* * * * *

How long will this take?
Milling and asphalt overlay tasks are forecast to take place over one to two weeks.


* * * * *

Will I lose access to my driveway?
Yes. The day your milling occurs, you will have to park on the street till completion.
Additional parking is available at the clubhouse if that will help you.


* * * * *

 Who is paying for this?
The Kinderton Single Family Homeowners Association has been
saving/accruing the necessary funds in their Capital Reserve for a number of years.
The cost for this project will be paid in full from that account.
Monthly dues for the Single Family HOA were increase in January 2021 from $55 to $65,
in part to begin replenishing that Capital Reserve account. 


* * * * *


Why isn’t a special assessment being levied just for alleyway resurfacing?

In the event a one time (special) assessment would be required,
the Kinderton Village Single Family Covenants, Conditions,
and Restrictions require every Owner of each lot to pay the same amount.
Such an assessment would be equally weighted across all owners.


* * * * *


Will any “dip” between the street and alleyway be
raised/flattened during the resurfacing? 

No, they will not. Those transition areas from the public street surface to the
concrete apron which leads into the alleyways,
are part of the overall neighborhood sidewalk.
Any maintenance or repairs to sidewalks fall under the Town of Bermuda Run.


* * * * *


Will trash/recycle pick-up be impacted?
Depending how the surface milling and overlay tasks are scheduled,
there is the possibility there will be some disruptions to service.

Depending on project timing, delays, or inclement weather,
we will be coordinating with Republic Services to temporarily
provide collection services at the front side of homes.

There is the chance that street side parking and trash/recycle pick-up
could occur for some alleyways and not others.
During the course of the project, there are not plans to alter the day of the week (Tuesday)
when Republic Services performs its pick-up.


* * * * *


Why does trash/recycle collection continue in alleyways?
Our trash/recycle pickup is an arrangement between the
Town of Bermuda Run and Republic Services.

At this time, there are no known plans to alter that location.


* * * * *

How will my contractor access the rear of my home?
If you are currently making any plans for remodeling, landscaping,
or repairs that require access to your alleyway or backyard,
please inform your contractor of the likely hood
they may have to park on the street and walk to the rear of your yard.


* * * * *


Will there be Porta-Jons on Site?
At this time, there are no plans for those to be present.


* * * * *


Alleyways are not behind my home.
Many of our Kinderton residents walk, bicycle, scooter, and golf cart along
the nearly 25 alleyways within our neighborhood.
While the paving project might not directly affect you,
making everyone aware will help minimize surprises.


* * * * *


How will I be notified of changes?
Both our website and the Kinderton Social group on Facebook will provide updates.
Additionally there will be flyers at the mail kiosks and signs at neighborhood entrances.

Most importantly, if Cedar Management does not have your e-mail address or phone number,
please call Cedar customer service at (877) 252-3327 and provide that information.
“Tenants, please ask your landlord to forward any e-mail updates they receive.”


Hello Kinderton Neighbors,


You are invited to a collaborative meeting to discuss next steps regarding the upcoming rezoning request for the proposed apartment complex.


Who:   All Kinderton Residents

When:  7:00 pm Wednesday and Thursday, April 13 & 14
(we are holding two meetings to accommodate as many residents as possible who might have scheduling conflicts)

Where: Kinderton Clubhouse

Agenda: We will discuss and plan for the April 20th rezoning meeting, deciding on what we want the Planning Board and Town Council to know are our MOST IMPORTANT issues for Kinderton Village residents.

We will open the Clubhouse before 7:00 both evenings allowing us to start on time.                

PLEASE Share this invitation with your neighbors, since there are still many who are not aware of this rezoning application.  

We don’t want to miss out on anyone’s feedback!


Also, mark your calendars for these important upcoming dates...


Wednesday, April 13, 2022 Davie County Planning & Zoning
Planning Board & Board of Adjustment Meetings

Agenda is posted for the upcoming April 20, 20222 Bermuda Run Planning Board Regular Meeting


Wednesday, April 20, 2022 3:00 PM at Bermuda Run Town Hall
The Bermuda Run Planning Board will consider the application to rezone.

Planning Board agenda packets will be available one week prior and online for viewing

The Planning Board may Approve / Deny / or Defer a decision on the request to rezone the property.


Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at 9 AM at Bermuda Run Town Hall
Bermuda Run Town Council Agenda Meeting will be held.


The Town Council at that time may vote to hold a public hearing on the issue of the rezoning request for Tuesday, May 10th at 6pm.

Thank you,

Kinderton Village Master Board and Sub-Association Directors

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