Click HERE to determine your alleyway reference letter for paving project.


(Updated as of September 11, 2021*)
*Start date may be delayed to start Tuesday, Septemeber 14th.
While a one day delay in starting could translate into a later finish day/date,
we will be providing updates via e-mail, social media posts, and on our website.  


Beginning Monday, September 13th 
to Friday, September 17th 
milling and asphalt overlay tasks will take place,
with an expected duration of one to two weeks.

We have a revised start date for the next phase of the
Kinderton Village Alleyway paving project.

(** Please note, while the paving contractor will try their best
to remain on schedule, all dates are subject to change, based on weather and other delays.)


Here are the main points to take away from this update:



Next Steps for Paving:

Beginning Monday, September 13th thru Friday, September 17th milling and overlay will take place, with an expectation to be completed that same week. Residents along alleyways A, B, D, E, H, J, K, L, and M will be affected during the milling and asphalt overlay work.

The nine (9) alleyways will be milled/overlayed in two separated phases.


Click HERE for the map to see which phase
your alleyway aligns with for milling/overlay.


Phase 1 (Marked on Map in Blue)

Alleyways - A, B, D, E, J


Tuesday,  September 14th

Wednesday, September 15th 

Thursday, September 16th



Phase 2 (Marked on map in Green)

Alleyways - H, K, L, M


Wednesday September 15th

Thursday September 16th

Friday September 17th


Trash/Recycle Pickup

Republic Services is prepared to modify their routes to perform collections at street side
on the affected alleyways being milled for paving.


According to Republic’s pickup plan, residents on alleyways
B, D, J, K, and L will need to place their container(s) streetside during the week of paving.

Residents on alleyways A, E, H, and M
already place their container(s) at the streetside of homes,
and should continue that practice.

Monday September 13th

All affected alleyway residents will place their trash/recycle container(s) at the front/streetside of their homes.

Republic Services is requesting residents to place the container(s) outside any cars parked streetside.

Please realize that due to the paving project, more cars will be parked on the street than normal.

While milling/overlay work is expected to be completed by Friday September 17th, there is always a possibly some work might carry over into the next week.


Monday September 20th

As a contingency plan, all affected alleyway residents will again place their trash container at the front/streetside of their homes.


Monday September 27th

Pickup resumes at all previous locations for alleyways A, B, D, E, H, J, K, L, and M.


 * * * * 

For any residents who might encounter a hardship for transporting
or placing the trash/recycle container(s) at the front/streetside of their homes,
please contact Lennie Ring (336) 940-3823
or Mark Pfundstein (336) 924-1999 for assistance.

 * * * * 



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for upcoming
2021 Kinderton Village Alleyway paving.


Where is my Alleyway according to map?
Click HERE for your address and your "Letter" allocation of your alleyway.


* * * * *

Why are we doing repairs now?
Our alleyway surfaces are over twenty years old.
The intent is to resurface before the road bed begins to fail.
In 2017, 30% of repairs were completed,
with the remaining 70% being addressed between 2021 and 2022.

Click HERE for color coated map.


* * * * *

When will the paving start?

 The contractor has forecast preliminary work will begin in mid-August.
There will be six areas of concrete curbing repair before paving begins.
Actual milling/overlay of asphalt to begin the week of September 13th.


* * * * *

How long will this take?
Concrete curbing repairs will occur during one week.
Milling and asphalt overlay tasks are forecast to take place over one to two weeks.


* * * * *

Will I lose access to my driveway?
Yes. The day your milling occurs, you will have to park on the street.
On paving day, you will have to park on the street once again.
Additional parking is available at the clubhouse if that will help you.


* * * * *

 Who is paying for this?
The Kinderton Single Family Homeowners Association has been
saving/accruing the necessary funds in their Capital Reserve for a number of years.
The cost for this project will be paid in full from that account.
Monthly dues for the Single Family HOA were increase in January 2021 from $55 to $65,
in part to begin replenishing that Capital Reserve account. 


* * * * *


Why isn’t a special assessment being levied just for alleyway resurfacing?

In the event a one time (special) assessment would be required,
the Kinderton Village Single Family Covenants, Conditions,
and Restrictions require every Owner of each lot to pay the same amount.
Such an assessment would be equally weighted across all owners.


* * * * *


Will any “dip” between the street and alleyway be
raised/flattened during the resurfacing? 

No, they will not. Those transition areas from the public street surface to the
concrete apron which leads into the alleyways,
are part of the overall neighborhood sidewalk.
Any maintenance or repairs to sidewalks fall under the Town of Bermuda Run.


* * * * *


Will trash/recycle pick-up be impacted?
Depending how the surface milling and overlay tasks are scheduled,
there is the possibility there will be some disruptions to service.

Depending on project timing, delays, or inclement weather,
we will be coordinating with Republic Services to temporarily
provide collection services at the front side of homes.

There is the chance that street side parking and trash/recycle pick-up
could occur for some alleyways and not others.
During the course of the project, there are not plans to alter the day of the week (Tuesday)
when Republic Services performs its pick-up.


* * * * *


Why does trash/recycle collection continue in alleyways?
Our trash/recycle pickup is an arrangement between the
Town of Bermuda Run and Republic Services.

At this time, there are no known plans to alter that location.


* * * * *

How will my contractor access the rear of my home?
If you are currently making any plans for remodeling, landscaping,
or repairs that require access to your alleyway or backyard,
please inform your contractor of the likely hood
they may have to park on the street and walk to the rear of your yard.


* * * * *


Will there be Porta-Jons on Site?
At this time, there are no plans for those to be present.


* * * * *


Alleyways are not behind my home.
Many of our Kinderton residents walk, bicycle, scooter, and golf cart along
the nearly 25 alleyways within our neighborhood.
While the paving project might not directly affect you,
making everyone aware will help minimize surprises.


* * * * *


How will I be notified of changes?
Both our website and the Kinderton Social group on Facebook will provide updates.
Additionally there will be flyers at the mail kiosks and signs at neighborhood entrances.

Most importantly, if Cedar Management does not have your e-mail address or phone number,
please call Cedar customer service at (877) 252-3327 and provide that information.
“Tenants, please ask your landlord to forward any e-mail updates they receive.”