Golf Cart

Kinderton Village Residential Golf Cart Reminder
From Priestley Management

Please note we are again receiving complaints regarding golf carts. 
Specifically of concern is the use of golf carts on streets by unlicensed youth. 
This is a law enforcement violation as well as a community violation

The resolution concerning carts is republished below for your review:

Kinderton Village Residential Master Homeowners Association Resolution 2018-01: 
Motorized Vehicles Restriction

WHEREAS, the Board of Directors of Kinderton Village Residential Master Homeowners Association is empowered to set rules and regulations pursuant to Article IV. Common Area Property Rights, Section 2. F. Rules and Regulations.  “The Board of Directors of the Master Association shall have the power to formulate, publish and enforce reasonable rules and regulations concerning the use and enjoyment of the General Common Areas…;”

WHEREAS, the Master Association Board of Directors. Under the authority of the North Carolina Planned Community Act and the Association’s Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Convents, Conditions and Restrictions has an obligation to maintain the common areas; 

WHEREAS, the Board of Directors through complaints from homeowners and visual inspection is concerned for the damage caused to the common area by golf carts and other motorized vehicles traversing on sidewalks and grassy areas;

WHEREAS, the use of golf carts and other motorized vehicles on common areas interferes with the peaceful use and enjoyment of these areas by other homeowners.

WHEREAS, it is the intent that this rule shall be applicable to all owners, tenants, guests, invitees, or any others who have vehicles entering upon the common areas and that this resolution shall remain in effect until otherwise rescinded, modified, or amended by a majority of the Board of Directors.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT motorized vehicles operating within Kinderton Village including cars, trucks, motorcycles and golf carts are restricted to use on streets, alleyways, driveways and parking lots and are restricted from use on sidewalks and all grassy areas including the lake grounds.  Only licensed drivers are permitted to operate motorized vehicles.



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