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Apartment Presentation from Robert Morgan from Homes Urban
Wednesday, July 27, 2022, 06:00pm
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Apartment Presentation from Robert Morgan
from Homes Urban on July 27 at 6:00

In an effort to keep lines of communication open in the future..  if .. rezoning occurs, the HOA board of directors has continued to engage with Robert Morgan (Homes Urban), to achieve maximum benefits for our community should they be needed. 



The clubhouse has been reserved for a presentation from Robert Morgan from Homes Urban on July 27 at 6:00. Even with the knowledge of what he hopes to gain, we hope all will engage him in a friendly manner.  We appreciate his willingness to share his proposal with us, and for agreeing to listen to our suggestions as this is not typically what developers do.



Mr. Morgan has confirmed Andrew Meadwell’s (our new BR Town Manager) availability on the 27th.  Andrew is willing to attend the 1st part of the meeting to explain how the conditional zoning will work and address any questions on behalf of the Town.



To ensure we cover all topics, please email any
questions/concerns you have to Homes Urban prior to the meeting. 

Email Robert L. Morgan | Homes Urban

Email:  and cc 

Having your talking points in advance will help ensure we are prepared for every contingency that may occur on this adjacent property.


Talking points/ requests received so far include: 


Keeping as many mature current trees as possible 

(as noise and visual buffer) and increase buffers.


Main entrance to be located near Hampton Inn


Secondary entrance to be as close to Lowes Foods shopping center as allowed by building code/Duke Power


Moving buildings as far from KV property lines as possible


Community Amenities to include Pool & Playground to discourage KV neighborhood use


Work with town on ways to manage storm water away from KV pond where possible


Contribute to KV for pond maintenance


Present a site map with clearly defined borders. Denote measurements from our property showing where mature trees will start being removed as Homes Urban opens the land for development.

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