ARC Architectural Review

The ARC is an elected committee by the HOAs at the Master Association Annual Meeting. Their responsibility is to help in the reviewing and approving of exterior projects of Kinderton Village home owners. The ARC was establish to help in maintaining the value of all homes in the community. They will also help with suggestions of home projects that don’t meet the Architectural Outdoor Guidelines. This will help the homeowner to have their vision but keep their home value high and the communities homes higher.
Hello Kinderton Village Residents,
The ARC wants to thank you for taking the time to make sure your home meets the Architectural Outdoor Guidelines set by the community covenants. We are excited for your interest in making improvements to your home. The first step to your review will be to fill out the short form and submit it to Becky at Priestly Management. The ARC will review your application and will contact you if they need to schedule a meeting to discuss or see location of the improvement. Please allow two to three weeks for the approval process.

Here are some links to help you with your decision making and ARC application:
Kinderton Village Architectural Review Committee

Chet Spychalski - Chairman (Term 2026)
Michelle Sousa - Member (Term 2025)
Tina Goins - Member (Term 2025)
Wes McIver - Member (Term 2026)
Ricky Mia  - Member (Term 2027)