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New Trash and Recycle Routes for Alleyways
Posted on Jun 20th, 2024
The Town of Bermuda supplied new Republic Service routes for alleyways for Kinderton Residential  that will be starting July 2, 2024. Click HERE for details.
Volunteers Delivering & Picking Up Proposed Amendment Form
Posted on Jun 20th, 2024
Single Family homes that have not sent in their decision on the "Proposed Single Family Lease Amendment" will be receiving an envelope door hanger on their front door. In the envelope will have the amendment and form that will need to be filled out so the Single Family HOA Board can have a true decision what the community wants. Currently only 42% of the single family homes has responded. 

The door hangers will be delivered either today Thursday, June 20th or Friday, June 21st.
Please review, sign and place back on door for pickup this Saturday, June 20th.

Thank you for your time and response on this important matter.
Sincerely KV Single Family HOA
Single Family HOA Proposed Lease Amendment 
Single Family HOA Rental Amendment
Posted on Jun 11th, 2024
Kinderton Village Single Family HOA is currently requesting single family resident homeowner to review the amendment and fill out the form sharing if they agree with the amendment.  The summery of the proposed amendment will prohibit new owners from leasing their property for the initial twelve month period of ownership. Passing this amendment will mean that all current and future owners that have owned their home for more than twelve months will be free to lease their property, however, it will discourage investors and investment companies from buying in the community because they would not be able to lease the property immediately.

Receipt of an affirmative Consent Form from 70% of the lots in the community will allow the amendment to pass, be recorded, and become effective.

The current status is 153 "Yes" to approve the amendment. Need an additional 111 homes to approve this amendment to pass. 

The Single Family Board of directors appreciates your attention on this important matter and are looking forward to hearing from the 235 homes that need to send in their decisions. 

Click HERE to print out your form, sign & email it to or First Class Mail to: Law Firm Carolinas c/o Dennis Bullman, 1927 South Tryon Street, Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28203 
Kinderton Village Master Association HOA Annual Meeting
Posted on Feb 19th, 2024

Kinderton Village Master Association will be held on Thursday, February 29, 2024 at the Bermuda Run Country Club. The meeting will start at 6 PM. Kinderton Village Residents are invited to this meeting to hear what things were accomplished in 2023 and what is new for 2024. New Master Board members and a ARC member will be selected at this meeting.
Click HERE for meeting details and agenda.
Kinderton Village New Website
Posted on Feb 19th, 2024

Kinderton Village Master Association is excited to announce our new updated website to be launched soon. Our new Kinderton Village website has more features specifically meant for HOA communities. This website will be a tool for residents, committees, social groups and HOAs to stay organized and informed. We hope everyone loves the new design.