Located at 195 North Forke Drive

Kinderton Village pool is available for Kinderton Village residents during pool season. 

The facility features a fenced in pool, large deck area, outdoor rinse station, men’s and women’s restrooms, bike rack, and on-site parking.
Saturday May 18, 2024 to Sunday, September 8, 2024 
Pool Hours - 8 AM to 8 PM
Lap Swimming - 6 AM to 8 PM
All pool expenses, including residential usage, are contained within monthly HOA dues. There are no additional charges to residents for pool usage. Access to the pool area is controlled by key card, and is restricted to Kinderton Village residents and their guests.
Key cards are given to home owners at Home Settlement by previous owner of home or by rental agency.
*Replacement keys are through the Master Association Management Company Priestley Management.
Swimming is at your own risk and children should have adult supervision.
The Kinderton Pool policy is to help maintain pool safety and a wonderful environment for all pool goers. Please print a copy of pool policies yearly to review with your household & guests. Broken policies could result in pool suspension & deactivation of Key Card.

Click HERE for 2024 pool policies and key card replacements.

Pool Hours are 8 am - 8 pm
Lap Swimming 6 am – 8 am
* No Lifeguard is on Duty, Swim at your own risk, under 15 years old MUST be with an adult*
The pool manager, attendants, and HOA Board of Directors have the authority to remind individuals about these rules and to maintain a safe environment. Any individuals may be asked to leave the premises if they are unwilling to abide.
The health and safety of residents and their guests is their own responsibility. It is the obligation of all residents to determine that they, their family members, their guests and their invitees are able to swim prior to using the pool, and to arrange for any non-swimmers to be supervised by a person that can swim. Under no circumstances may any person under the age of 15 be in the pool area unless accompanied and supervised by an adult who shall be responsible for their safety
Pool privileges may be suspended and/or fines imposed for violations of these rules.

  1. No Dues = No Key Card and No Pool Use - You must be current in your dues in order to use the pool.

  2. No HOA Violations - You must not have any violations on your account in order to use the pool.

  3. Resident Only and (4) Guests - The pool is for Kinderton residents and (4) guests accompanied by the property owner who remains at the pool with them (Unless previous arrangements are made). KV Residents are responsible for their guests and must inform them of the pool rules. All property owners are responsible for their family members and guests.

  4. Never open gates to let anyone in. All residents must use their pool cards or be met at the gate by the property owner who holds the card.  Please close the gate behind you. NEVER PROP the GATE OPEN!

  5. NON Swimmers must not swim alone for safety.

  6. Pool Conduct - NO Running, Dunking, Pushing, Acrobatics, Wrestling, Fighting, Spitting, Horseplay, Deliberate splashing on those outside your group. Causing unsafe or undue disturbances will NOT BE ALLOWED. No Abusive or Foul language. Absolutely NO DIVING, No CLIMBING on TABLES, CHAIRS or objects.

  7. Toys & Floats - Be considerate of others when using toys & floats in the pool. NO large group floats. NO HARD BALLS.

  8. Thunderstorms / Rain - Leave the pool immediately during thunderstorms or rain.

  9. Swimwear - Swimmers must wear appropriate swim attire at all times.

  10. Incontinent swimmers - are required by the CDC to wear waterproof swim diapers/underpants, should change them about every 60 minutes and cover them with a swimsuit. Additional rubber pants are helpful. A Feces /poop (a “bathroom accident”) in the pool (even a small amount!) may cause an outbreak of e-coli. HEALTH DEPARTMENT CODES and for EVERYONE’S HEALTH and SAFETY, the POOL MUST CLOSE IMMEDIATELY and MAY REQUIRE CHEMICAL TREATMENT for 24 HOURS AFTER A “BATHROOM ACCIDENT” IN THE POOL. This is a tremendous burden and cost to our community.

  11. Shower before entering the pool. Perspiration, body lotion, oils, make-up, and traces of feces and urine can contaminate a swimming pool.
  12. No food/drink or chewing gum permitted in the pool, beside the pool or around the edge.

  13. No Smoking - Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the pool area. You must go a minimum of 30 feet outside the gate/pool area to smoke. All cigarette butts must be disposed of in the provided containers.

  14. Before leaving clean up - Wipe off tables, close umbrellas, push chairs in & clean up your area before leaving the pool.

  15. NO GLASS of any kind IS ALLOWED IN THE POOL AREA. Anyone seen with glass bottles/containers will be required to leave the pool area immediately.  Any cleanup (estimated at $2,000+) resulting from broken glass may be the responsibility of the homeowner and a resident may lose pool privileges.

  16. No Animals - Animals are not permitted in the pool area except for guide dogs.

  17. Persons with open sores or wounds, skin rashes or eruptions, sore or inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharges, or other infections or communicable diseases are not permitted in the pool.

  18. Pool Furniture - Pool furniture is not to be removed from the pool deck/area OR placed in the pool.

  19. Safety Equipment - Safety equipment may only be handled if there is an emergency.

  20. No small items in pool - Small loose items that may clog the filter system should be removed before entering the pool.

Any costs to the Association which results from violation of these rules may be charged to homeowner. Swim at your own risk as pool attendant are not lifeguards. 
WiFi is available for use while using the pool or clubhouse. Password: wifi4you / Network Name is: Kinderton.